Student Loans…in real terms

This clever infographic  from the NerdWallet site,  explains in clear, easy to understand terms the cost (consequences?) of student loan debt. Students are taking on more loan debt to pay for higher education, and are having a more challenging time repaying it. Some loans start accruing interest from the moment the loan check is cashed. How much student loan debt is too much? Something to ponder. No quick answers other than “that depends”. Readers, how much student loan debt is too much? Love to know your thoughts on this. Please comment below.

Understanding Student Loans in Real Terms

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One Response to Student Loans…in real terms

  1. "Asian American Admission Officer" says:

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    Student Loan Debt — with all of the political debate surrounding the topic, it’s hard for students to know what to expect in a couple of years.

    Arm yourself with the facts on educational loans!

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